Friday, April 28, 2017

Free Starbucks K-Cups Coffee Sample Pack

Free Starbucks K-Cups Coffee Sample Pack. You must answer YES that you own Keurig to qualify

100 ACDelco Super Alkaline AA Batteries $12.46 + Free Shipping or $11.15 With 5 Amazon Subscribe & Save Discounts - Amazon Prime Members Only

100 ACDelco Super Alkaline AA Batteries $12.46 + Free Shipping or $11.15 With 5 Amazon Subscribe & Save Discounts - Amazon Prime Members Only
  1. To get this deal you must do a subscribe & Save purchase. You can cancel the subscribe & save after you get your order if you wish, see link below to cancel. Subscribe & Save bypasses the add-on requirement, you do NOT need a $25 purchase when doing subscribe & save.. even if the page says so
  2. CLICK HERE and click the circle next to subscribe & Save and then click subscribe now 
  3. Limit 4 twelve packs per account. Just change the quantity to 4 and order. If on mobile you have to click one time order first, change the quantity, then change back to subscribe order.
  4. Subscribe and save can be cancelled anytime after the order ships, no further charges, just click here to cancel. The first order (this order) will always be at the price you purchased it for. The second order and all orders after that will be at the price it is currently selling for on Amazon. If you feel that price is too high then you can cancel after the first order

Free Deet Buzz Away Insect Repellent Moms Meet Party Pack if You Qualify - Get Lots of Free Buzz Away Extreme Towelettes and Buzz Away Extreme Spray

Moms Meet is a great program that sends you a bunch of samples and coupons for Moms to share with other Moms in their "Moms Group". They send you a bunch of free items, and tons of coupons and other goodies, really great program. Their new program is for  Deet Buzz Away Insect Repellent. Click the link below and sign up and see if you qualify. If you qualify they will email you within 1 month and let you know
  1. Moms Meet changed the way to sign up, please follow below
  2. CLICK HERE and click apply under Mom Ambassador - IF YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT JUST LOG IN INSTEAD
    • IMPORTANT IF MAKING A NEW ACCOUNT! YOU WILL GET AN ERROR MESSAGE AFTER YOU APPLY, that is okay. It will still make you an account even if you got an error message, just ignore the message
  3. CLICK HERE and log in with the new account you just made or your previous account. There is a light blue box on the page either on the top right or right under the photo. 
    • If you are already a member click Apply now and apply.
    • If not yet a mom ambassador it will say you are not eligible and that you need to apply. Click the link where it says Mom Ambassador, or click here and fill out the survey. MAKE SURE TO USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS AS YOUR ACCOUNT YOU LOGGED IN WITH!
    • After they approve you to be a Moms Ambassador go back to the page to apply for the sampling opportunity
  4. If you qualify they will email you within 1 month and let you know
Insect protection does not have to mean dousing yourself and your little ones with chemicals. Instead, Buzz Away Extreme offers DEET-free, natural insect repellent that’s safe and effective for the whole family. Available in both an environmentally-friendly, non-aerosol spray and convenient towelettes, Buzz Away Extreme offers protection against mosquitoes and ticks for up to four hours.

Freebie Friday Giveaways - Over 50 Small Giveaways From Various Companies To Enter Each Friday!

Big list of Freebie Friday Giveaways. All the companies below have small Giveaways every Friday from 1-10 prizes on Facebook. 

Click the links below to go to the giveaway. Some links will take you to their Facebook Wall where you can find the giveaways, others will go straight to the apps. Just look for their newest post they made about the most recent giveaway and follow the instructions to enter!

Toys and Kids Products
Beauty Products, Fragrances, Jewelry
Clothing, Technology, Pets and Everything Else

2 Zero Gravity Chairs Lounge Chairs $39.99 + Free Shipping

2 Zero Gravity Chairs Lounge Chairs $39.99 + Free Shipping. Great price on great chairs, you will LOVE THESE!
  1. CLICK HERE to buy this now, add to cart for $49.99
  2. Use coupon code PERFECTSTART for 20% off
  3. Coupon code also valid on all items on THIS LINK here