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Here is a huge list of Free Kindle E-books from Amazon. You can read them on the Kindle, or by downloading the Kindle App here and using it on any other device that you have like your Web Browser, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad, BlackBerry, or Android Devices. Please note prices to change frequently so get them quick while they are still free and double check that the price shows 0.00 before checking out. Happy Reading!

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30 Pieces of Silver by Carolyn McCray

The Chakra Diaries by Becca Chopra

The Ghosts of Varner Creek by Michael Weems

Ashes by Scott Nicholson

Son of Eden by Brianna Merrill

The Moose Jaw by Mike Delany

The Stash by Dan Fletcher

Running by Patrice Fitzgerald

Achieve Anything In Just One Year by Jason Harvey

Mindbenders by Ted Krever

How To Catch Happy by Jim Kukral

An Owl’s Whisper by Michael Smth

Extraordinary Lessons From an Ordinary Life by Mike Jaroch

His Majesty, the Prince of Toads by Delle Jacobs

Half Past Midnight by Jeff Brackett

On Falcon’s Wings by Lisa J. Yarde

Loving the Rain by Jeff Laferney

Glitter Girl: A Novel by Erin Quinn O’Briant

Revenge by Mark Young


First World Problems by Ben Nesvig

Slow Boat To Purgatory by Vernon Baker

The Cat Manual by Michael Ray Taylor

The Opening by Ron Savarese

Edited for Death by Michele Drier

Sudden Deception by Judith Price

Little Mountain by Bob Sanchez

Connected. by Nick Apuzzo

No One To Hear You Scream by Julia Madeleine

The Concrete Maze by Steven Torres

The Loki Variation by Sabrina James Riley

STREET HEAT by Will Graham

Death of a Serpent by Susan Russo Anderson

Wyvern by A. A. Attanasio

The Adventures of Chip Doolin by Neal D. Bogosian

The Frenchman’s Revenge by Taylor Lee

The Moment of Truth by Mark O’Neal

Some Day Somebody by Lori Leger

A Million Tears by Paul Henke

The Crown and the Kingdom by Jeannette Angell

Stockholm by Kian Kaul

The Reluctant Belsnickel of Opelt’s Wood by Kathleen Valentine

I’m Saying Yes by E.N. Holland

The Career Artisan Series by Mary Elizabeth Bradford

How to Make a Budget by Brian Carr

Six Nobel Lectures on Quantum Physics

Confessions of a Car Sales Manager by D.F. Marsh

Discombobulated by Steven Morgan

Friends With Full Benefits by Luke Young

Immortal Embrace by Charlotte Blackwell

Irish Fling by Valerie Douglas

The Hunted by Shelia Weiss

Invisible Evidence by Kelly Wallace

Fire and Ice by Dianna Bellerose

Banking, Beer and Robert The Bruce by T I Wade

Twig by J. R. Wright

The Demons Fib by keisha keenleyside

Veracity by John L Evans

Donovan’s Island by Daniel Neff

Murder in Ocean Hall by Joe Flood

Granny Heist by Juliet Dillon Clark

REVENGE by Michael Haskins

Shadow of Reality by Donna Fletcher Crow

Damaged Goods by Julian Wolfendale

The Dracula Spectacula by L. Henry Dowell

The Speed Of Time by Robert Price Rifkin

Four in the Hole by Pat Steiner

King Scratch by Jordan Krall

a Pound of Flesh by Kimberly Raiser

Ember by Madison Daniel

Fade to Black by Morgan Kearns

Darkness & Lies: A Brotherhood Novel by Brandi Salazar

One Night to Remember by Kristin Miller

The Traitor by Jo Robertson

Wishbone by Brooklyn Hudson

Blood’s Voice by Aine Massie

The End of History by James Butler

Tales from The Swollen Corpse by Sam Williams

The Sixth Rider 20th Anniversary Edition by Max McCoy

The Prairie Companions by David Rory O’Neill

Dark Remains by Sean McMahon

Sunflowers by Melodie Starkey

The Belt Loop by Robert B. Jones

An Atlantean Triumvirate by C. Craig R. McNeil

Chronicles of Ror the Prince’s Decision by Karen Langolf

7G by Debbie Kump

Seed of Avraham by Othniel Seiden

The Hummingbird War by Joan Shott

17 Day Diet Recipe Book for Cycle 1 by Victoria Smithson

The Thursday Surprise by Ryan Ennis

Bumped to Berlin by Savannah Page

What Would You Do With This Room? by Mark Lewison

Snake Canyon Outlaw by Bear Brubaker

The Unwilling Bride by Candy-Ann Little

Artemis by Sorita d’Este

The Wars of Gods and Men by Brondt Kamffer

Voodoo Dues by Stephany Simmons

The Serpent Passage by Todd Allen Pitts

Modern Sorcery by Gary Jonas

Blood of Heaven by Bill Myers

Where’s the Power At? by Mark D. Bristow

Dead on Arrival by David L. Gray

Whisper of the Sun by Pamela Carron

The Knights Dawning by James Batchelor

Mindjacker by Sean Patrick Reardon

Eye of The Destroyer by Dan Hardy

Blackwater by C. D. Blizzard


The Crezchek Files, Opening Statement by Dragica Lord

The Castro Gene by Todd Bucholz

Forex Trading by Robert Cain

Trade Show Leads To Sales by Jeff Grundy

Apiculture and Beekeeping Simplified by Brett Jones

Sales 101 by Jerry Dawson

Leap Year at the Coffee Shop by Michael L. Eads

The Ultimate Guide To Marketing Your Business With Pinterest

The Career Artisan Series by Mary Elizabeth Bradford

The Last Legend by Scott Reeves

The Dragon Horn by Vaughn Heppner

Fate Rides Wicked by Jonathan Biviano

Wisdom by Bonnie Watson

In Love with Eleanor Rigby by Stacey Cochran

Dangers, Toils, and Snares by Tim Casey

A Beard In Nepal by FIONA ROBERTS

THE ROAD TO HELL by Paul Levine

The Two Pound Chic Magnet by Kathryn Ardell

J.K. Rowling by Sara M.

The Adventures of Captain Bob in Outer Space #4 by Scott Reeves

Cookbook eBooks

BBQ and Grilling

Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

17 Delicious Drop Dead Simple Dessert Recipes Volume 5

Desserts in a Flash

Baked Salmon

My Crock Pot Soups

How to Cook Pumpkin Seeds

Shepherds Pie Recipe

Favorites from Amelia’s Kitchen

Quick Cooking: Volume 4 – Dinner

How To Cook Delicious Healthy Vegan Breakfast Recipes

Southern Main Dishes & More

How To Make Sushi Like a Master Chef The Simple Way

100 Belgian Food Recipes

eBooks for Children

These Animals… Don’t Want to Go to School! by J.N. Paquet

Mely & Bela – Episode 1. by J.N. Paquet

The Line by Courtney Brandt

Robin: Lady of Legend by R.M. ArceJaeger

Caught in the Slipstream of Time by S J Musgraves

Samantha Loses the Box Turtle by Daisy Griffin

The Lonely Christmas Tree by Shannon Glenn

Lost on the Road to Nowhere by Scott Fowler

Daydreaming Davey’s Dinosaur Math Adventure by Steven Tandberg

If I Were Your Monster by Scott Nicholson

The Dirt by Lori Culwell

To Gnome Me Is To Love Me by M. A. Golla

Happy Little Luka by J.N. Paquet

The Ghost Shirt by D J Milne

Marcella, vampire mage by Elizabeth Loraine

The Guardian by Egan Yip

Emily: Out of My Mother’s Darkness by Janie Lancaster

The Raven Girl by Kathy Cecala

These Animals… Don’t Want to Go to School! by J.N. Paquet

The Sky Whale by PJ Marsden

Eric and the Woolly Jumpers by Malcolm Hulme

My First Book Beginner Series Collection by Michaela Grace

Weaver of Darkness by Melissa L. Webb

Alvin Fernald, Superweasel by Clifford B. Hicks

Puzzles, Apps & Games for Kindles

My Checklist (A Free App for Kindle)