Heads Up Check Your Shop Your Way Account/Emails: Free $4-$12 Credit Sears/Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards

If you don't have an account yet
  1. Click here to make a free Shop Your Way account.
  2. Click here to Add me as your Personal Shopper on Sears and Kmart, it's free and you get these free point offers frequently. Just click the Green Become a Client button
  3. They will start sending you emails each week with free bonus points and offers!
Just a heads up to all Sears/KMart/Landsends Shop Your Way Rewards members (existing account holders only) to log in below and check for a free $1- $12 they sent out today. You can use the credits at checkout with your Shop Your Way Rewards Account. Email came from rewards@rewards.shopyourwayrewards.com and the subject is different for everybody, mine was "You have surprise points. See how many inside". or you can just Click the link below to log in and check your account and see if you got any points.
  1. Click here to Add me as your Personal Shopper on Sears and Kmart
  2. Click here to log in and check. Click on Rewards Points on the top right
  3. For surprise points click here and you can see if you have any restrictions on your points!