Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Free Graze Trial Snack Box + $1 Shipping - Pick 4 Free Yummy Snacks - Nuts, Mixes, Dried fruit and Chocolate Too

Free Graze Snack Box + $1 Shipping -. This is a great and very yummy program. The way it works is you log onto their site, pick 4 of your favorite snacks from nuts, to mixes, dried fruit and chocolate too. The first box is free and shipping is $1 and there are no charges if you cancel after the first box.  If you don't cancel you will get an 8 snack box each week for $11.99 for each box. You can cancel at any time after you get your first box. If you don't want any after you get the first box there is NO charge at all and it is all completely free. Very easy and quick to cancel online as well.  Great chance to try out some really great yummy snacks.
  1. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP. Must create a NEW account. The first box is free and shipping is $1
  2. You will only be charged $1.I f you cancel after your first box there are NO other charges.
  3. If you want to cancel then Click Here For Step by step instructions, with screenshots, on how to cancel if you choose not to continue your subscription. You can cancel any time your box  has shipped. Very quick and easy, all done online and can cancel in 3 clicks
  4. Again please note. This is a subscription service. You must cancel after the first box if you don't want any more boxes. There are no charges at all if you cancel after the first box.