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$15 off $15 1-800-Flowers Purchase, Select Paypal Accounts Only = 2 Free Cookies or Many other items + Free Shipping - NOT ALL ACCOUNTS WILL QUALIFY

1-800-Flowers has free $15 off and Free Shipping when you follow the steps below. You MUST pay via PayPal to be eligible for promotion.. THIS IS AN AMAAAAAAZING DEAL!! You can get anything up to $15 free. You don't need to go above $15 for it to work, if you get something less it will be completely free. NOT ALL ACCOUNTS WILL BE ELIGIBLE, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS BELOW TO SEE IF YOUR ACCOUNT HAS THIS OFFER. 
  1. Click here, log in to your Paypal account then click here to go to your Paypal Wallet or click here also for the deals page. Or log in to your Paypal account and click Wallet on the top of the page. (Business accounts do NOT have a Wallet and will not qualify for this offer)
  2. If you don't see the $15 offer or any offers that means you did not get it in your account. If you only see a 15% off offer or a $10 off $59.99 offer those are not the correct ones and that means you didn't get this offer.
  3. Scroll down to saved offers and see if you have the offer. If you do then you can get some free stuff, if you don't then you can't. Not all accounts will get offer. The offer will say "$15 off your purchase of $15 or more at when you pay with PayPal Valid From 1/25/17
  4. CLICK HERE and add any item to your cart, make sure your order is $15 or more. The cookies are free shipping, other items are not free shipping
  5. Proceed to cart. Under checkout click PayPal and log-in. It will show $15 credit in the payment options on the top under special offers along with your primary form of payment, confirm and head to checkout. (see the photo below for special offer wording)
  6. IMPORTANT: THE PRICE ON 1-800-FLOWERS.COM WILL NOT REFLECT THE EXTRA $15 YOU ARE GETTING OFF. So for example, at checkout of the cookies it will show the price of $15. The reason is because Paypal is giving you $15 off the order, not 1-800-flowers. After you submit your order you can go to your Paypal and you will see the breakdown. Don't be scared you can submit your order for the higher price but MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE $15 OFFER IN YOUR ACCOUNT BEFORE YOU SUBMIT, AS I HAVE MENTIONED PREVIOUSLY IN STEP 4. AS LONG AS YOU DO THEN YOU ARE FINE AND IT WILL SHOW THE LOWER PRICE IN YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT. Your Paypal confirmation will not show the extra $15 either, but it will show in your account and you will get an email about it as well.