Free Nikwax Polar Proof Wash-in Waterproofing For Fleece

Free Nikwax Polar Proof Wash-in Waterproofing For Fleece. Nikwax Polar Proof adds water-repellency to polar fleece. It is easy to use in your home washing machine, and is safe for you and your family. Like all Nikwax products, Polar Proof is PFC-Free, biodegradable, and contains no harmful solvents. You can get one free item Nikwax every 2 months.
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  2. Take the quiz, you must get all the questions correct to get the item free, click "clue" for help. If you get the wrong you can retakes the quiz as many times as needed, although the questions may change. You can get 1 free item every 2 months.
Tips for taking the quiz : 
  • If there is any answer that says "all of the above"  then choose that, it is the answer.
  • Any question asking which product to use: click Hint and it takes you straight to the page, that product page is the answer
  • Any question that asks how many oz to use: choose the lowest option.
  • Any question that says "Why" you can generally go with the best sounding Public Relations type answer.