Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Free Cute Tote Bag and Free Essence Magazine Subscription

Update: Back again. Limit one per year 

Free Cute Tote Bag and Free Essence Magazine Subscription From Recyclebank. No Bills Ever.
  1. Click here and create an account or log into your account
  2. You will need 240 points to get the freebie. See below to get the points. It is very easy. You can also earn more points and redeem for other prizes if you wish.
    • Click here to see all points available to earn. On the top right of each square will say how much each one is. They have some for 150, some for 75, some for 20 etc. Just click on each action, then do what it says to get the points. Some you just click through the photos, some you play the small game, others you take the quiz. Make sure to click Get My Points after each one to get all your points.
    • Click here to claim the Essence Reward once you have 240 points - IF YOU ALREADY GOT THIS PREVIOUSLY THEN MAKE SURE TO U
    • After you redeem it you can click on My Rewards here and you will see that you redeemed it. There is nothing more to be done. The bag and subscription will be sent seperately