Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Heads Up: One Year Amazon Prime Membership On Sale For $68 (Reg $99) - New Prime Members Only On Sale on Friday 9/29. Get Free 2 Day Shipping, Prime Video Free Movies and TV Shows Streaming, Unlimited Prime Music, Unlimited Photo Storage, Free Kindle Books & More!

Update on Amazon Prime $68 Sale. Looks like there is no sale today as previously stated. I guess it was a rumor because in the past they have always had a sale after one of their shows have won awards, but this time there looks like there is no sale. If it does happen ill be sure to post it, but for now looks like there is no sale. If you still want to try prime you can do a 30 day trial below - no charges if you don't continue. Also if you have an .edu email address you can get a free 6 month Prime trial and $49 discounted subscription, link below

Great News! Starting Friday 9/23 Amazon will have has their One Year Amazon Prime Membership on sale for $68 (Reg $99). This is valid for New Members Only. Price valid Starting Midnight Friday 9/23 Until Midnight Sunday 9/25. With Amazon prime you get: Free 2 Day Shipping, Prime Video Free Movies and TV Shows Streaming, Unlimited Prime Music, Unlimited Photo Storage, Free Kindle Books & More! This is really worth it if you buy frequently from Amazon and has lots of perks. It is especially great during the holiday shopping season that is coming up (I will be posting TONS of amazing deals) and also great for those that do Amazon reviews.
  1. This will not be live until Friday 9/23
  2. CLICK HERE, add to cart. Price will show as $99 that is fine, continue to checkout
  3. On the last checkout screen you will see the lower $68 Price
  4. If you are thinking about sharing your Amazon Prime account you can do so with ONE other family member, you can find the details for that here
  5. After you purchase it goes on Auto Renewal meaning next year they will auto renew your membership for $99. if you want you can turn it off by following the directions below so you are not charged again next year unless you specifically purchase it:
    1. Click here
    2. On the left click End Membership (it won't end it right away)
    3. Then Click End again, and click Cancel on renewal date.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • This is valid for new prime members only. If you are currently a prime member or are currently on a 30 day trial you are not eligible. 
  • If you had a trial in the past and are not currently on a trial and are not currently a Prime member then you CAN get this
  • If you have Amazon Prime currently you are NOT eligible and there is no gift workaround this time unfortunately 
  • If you are on a 30 day trial you are NOT eligible for this offer. What you CAN do though use another Amazon account that does not have the prime trial currently. You will then purchase the membership on the new account. You will have overlapping membership on both accounts for a few days but at least you will have the one year at the lower price. 
  • If you are currently signed up under somebody else and sharing their account you CAN buy this and you will get your own one year prime account. You will not longer be a sub on their account and your one year will start right away