Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Free 12 Pack of Cameron's Coffee K-Cups

Free 12 Pack of Cameron's Coffee K-Cups
  1. CLICK HERE, scroll down take the pledge
  2. They will email you a coupon code. Copy the code, you will use it at checkout. It will probably take a little while for the emails to come, especially as more people start siging up. Give it a few minutes or even up to an hour.
  3. CLICK HERE, select your flavor. Select the 12 pack for $6.99 on the next screen, add to cart and checkout
  4. Click your cart or click here
  5. Enter your coupon code from your email to make it free. Select free shipping at checkout
  6. IF YOU DON'T SEE FREE SHIPPING... go back and enter the code again and it should work to show you free shipping.