3 Packs of Oreos Cookies $5.62 (Reg $11.24) - Amazon Add On

3 Packs of Oreos Cookies $5.62 (Reg $11.24) - Includes One pack of 14.3oz Oreos, One 10.1oz Pack of Oreo Thins and 12 Single Serve Packs of Oreos (6 Cookies each pack). These usually sell for $3.13, $3.13 and $4.98 at Walmart so Half Price here. AMAZON ADD ON Must be making a $25 or more order to purchase this. You can do 5 orders of this if you wanted a lot of cookie to reach the $25 amount or you can buy 1 and $20 of other stuff etc.. IF YOU DON'T HAVE A $25 ORDER NOW - you can just add to your cart now and when you have a $25 order you can buy it if it is still on sale
  1. CLICK HERE - will be $5.62 - Price up to $8.65 now
  2. You can change the quantity to however many you want to order if you want more than one 3 pack
  3. Add to cart and make sure your cart total is $25 or more so  you can checkout