Free $5 Amazon Gift Card - Text Messaging Required

EXPIRED!! They are being sent now. may take a few hours for everybody to get it. Subject is Your Gift Card is delivered and email is from . Click the link in the email to get your gift card, then CLICK HERE below to apply it to your amazon account 

Free $5 Amazon Gift Card - Text Messaging Required
  1. All cell phones qualify. you do NOT need a Cricket Wireless account to qualify. Any service works even though this is the Cricket Wireless website
  2. CLICK HERE and sign up - this is my referral link, the only way to sign up is to be referred. I do not get any extra benefit from you signing up under me
  3. Verify your phone number, enter the code they send you.
  5. You should see the main page, if not then click home on the top of the page
  6. Click on Achievements towards the top of the page, see the circles yellow portion in the photo below

  7. Click on the the first acheivement for 100 and it will give you 100 free points
  8. Click on rewards on the top of the page and Claim the $5 Amazon Gift Card for $100 points
  9. THE CARD DOES NOT COME RIGHT AWAY. Will take at least 1 week for you to get the gift card in your email.