Free Pack of BallPark Angus Beef Franks - Twitter Required

Free Pack of BallPark Angus Beef Franks - Twitter Required. Click here for complete info and rules
  1. Click here, Follow them @BallParkBrand on Twitter. Please follow us @heavenlysteals too!
  2. To get your free franks You will need to change your display name on Twitter to include either the word Angus or Frank. To change your name follow below
    1. Go to your profile page. You can do that by clicking on your photo on the top of the page next to the Tweet button then click on View Profile. You can also type in your link instead, That would be For example my page would be, yours will be different
    2. Click Edit Profile
    3. On the left chance your name and add the word Angus or Frank in it. For example I changed mine to Angus HeavenlySteals
    4. Save - also make sure your profile is Public not private (all profiles are public by default. if you never changed it then don't worry)
  3. Now that you added the word Angus or Frank you can Tweet to get your free franks
  4. Click here, in the bottom reply and write @BallParkBrand #BallParkAngusGiveaway
  5. That's it! WAIT A FEW DAYS. They will send you a direct message with info on how to claim your franks
  6. DO NOT CHANGE THE NAME BACK UNTIL THEY MESSAGE YOU, if you change it before they message you then you won't get the free franks