Sunday, July 24, 2016

Free $10 Amazon Gift Card For Discover Card Holders - Mobile Required

Free $10 Amazon Gift Card For Discover Card Holders - Mobile Required. $10 is applied to your account automatically and is valid for anything shipped and sold by Amazon (NOT 3rd party sellers)
  1. You must do this on mobile device. The link in step 5 will only work on mobile!
  2. Click here - scroll down, click add payment method and add your discover card to your payment options. If you already have it added skip to next step
  3. Click here. Turn the Mobile 1-Click Ordering setting to On. Then change Payment Method to your Discover Card and select your shipping address and finish setting up 1 Click settings
  4. AFTER YOU CLICK THE NEXT LINK IN STEP 5 YOU WILL PROBABLY GET AN ERROR THAT SAYS PAGE NOT FOUND. DON'T PANIC. JUST REFRESH THE PAGE AND IT WILL WORK Or just go to the url bar and click enter to refresh the page. (if that still doesn't work try it on a different browser on your phone)  Alternatively you can try copying and pasting this link:
  5. Click here (If you get a page not found just refresh) scroll down and click the yellow button that says change your 1-click settings. It should say Thank you. You are done. After you do that you will get a $10 credit in your account automatically
  6. HOW DO YOU SEE YOUR $10 CREDIT??? Click here and add any $10 item that is shipped and sold my Amazon (no third party sellers) to your cart. Go to the LAST CHECKOUT Screen and you will see it says $10 off Discover promo. That is the only place you will see your credit. For example click here and add to cart, go to the last screen to see the discount.