Free Jo Malone Basil and Neroli Unisex Fragrance Sample

Free Jo Malone Basil and Neroli Unisex Fragrance Sample
  1. CLICK HERE, click enter. Clip skip on the short video or just wait a few seconds
  2. Choose girl or boy, doesn't matter. Click on each section to customize your person.
  3. For example click body on the middle, then click any body on the right, then go back to the middle and click Face and choose, Skin, Eye, Beard etc.. do all of them
  4. After you do all of them you will be able to click the I'm Ready button on the bottom right. It won't let you click it until you do them all
  5. On the screen with the map click on any of the Blue location icons, then click the word CLICK on the bottom right hand corner of the screen that pops up
  6. You can now log in with Facebook, Email etc.. choose one
  7. You will not enter your info to get the sample, click submit on the bottom right
  8. THERE IS NO CONFIRMATION PAGE. After you enter your info it will just say Step 5 check in. That is fine, that means you got it. You can close the page, you don't have to do anything else

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