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Hot Pens and Markers Sale: 1 Dozen Sharpies $1.51, 1 Dozen Bi Highlighters $1.54, 1 Dozen Paper Mate Roller Ball Gel Pens $1.64, 1 Dozen Ubi-Ball Gel Pens $2.08, 1 Dozen Pentel Mechanil Pencils $2.09 + Free Shipping and MANY MORE

Myofficeinnovations on ebay has tons of pens and markers on sale for amazing prices. This is a seller with over 100,000 positive reviews so all the pens are definitely real and good but it is possible that these are a price mistake and your order could be cancelled. As long as you pay with Paypal you will have the Buyer guarantee. If you don't receive the items, or don't receive a dozen as listed etc.. then you will get a complete refund. 
  1. Click here. SORT PRICE LOW TO HIGH - everything listed there is the price for a dozen
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