Refurbished Vitamix C-Series Classic Blender With 5-Year Warranty $219 (Reg $549 New) + Free Shipping has a their Certified Refurbished Vitamix C-Series Classic Blender (Professional Series  500, 6300, 6500) on sale. These are great prices and buying refurbished is the only way to save huge money on these highly popular blenders. All blenders come with a 5 Year Warranty as well so you are covered for a long time.  This is the lowest price they have ever been.
  1. Click here - choose your color. Will show for $249. You will receive a refurbished model of one of the following: Label may reflect the following C-series machines: Professional Series 500, 6300, 6500. You don't get to choose which one, they will just send you one of them. They are all pretty much the same.
  2. Under warranty select 5 Year Warranty Free
  3. Use coupon code VITA72215 at checkout for $30 off