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16 Giant Rolls of Bounty Giant Roll Paper Towels + $5 Target Gift Card $15.98 + Free Shipping

16 Giant Rolls of Bounty Giant Roll Paper Towels + $5 Target Gift Card $15.98 + Free Shipping
  1. To get this deal you have to do a Target Subscription order. This is just like Amazon Subscribe & Save and you can cancel after the first order, very easy to do and you do it online. See step 5 below for cancel instruction
  2. Choose below, you  can choose any TWO or multiples of 2, mix and match for $9.99 each. You will see 10% off in your cart. If you want more than one of a kind see step 4 below
  3. Under where it says shipping Click the box for "Subscribe to save 20%" then select a time and click add subscription to cart (if you don't see it on the item you choose that means it is sold out) Tip: I like to choose the longest interval for the subscription when signing up so just in case you forget to cancel you won't get another shipment and you'll have plenty of time to cancel
  4. Click here to go to your cart, if you want to change the quantities of any of your orders you can do so here. then checkout
  5. $5 Gift Card will be added to your cart automatically when you add 2 to your cart
  6. You can cancel your subscription order any time after your order ships. You can cancel online easily by clicking here. or you can Click on my account, scroll down to the Target Subscriptions section, click on manage subscriptions and choose view subscription for the subscriptions you'd like to modify or cancel. You can edit your delivery date, item quantity, size, shipping address, billing address or payment method.