Free Mobile Lens Kit - Void in MA, MI and VA

Free Mobile Lens Kit - Void in MA, MI and VA. Open to Tobacco Consumers
  1. CLICK HERE, log in or create an account. Then click here for the giveaway
  2. The link below will skip the photo upload but I think it is is better to upload the photo if possible just to make sure you get the free gift
  3. To get the freebies scroll to about the middle of the page. You have to upload a photo "of how you are kicking it with your crew" - no people, brands or cigars in the photo. Basically just upload a picture of anything. After you do that you can claim the free kit
  4. IF YOU WANT TO SKIP THE PHOTO UPLOAD AND JUST CLAIM THE GIFT THEN CLICK HERE. It should work with no problems but it's better to do the photo upload if possible