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6 Pack Graze Snacks Variety Pack $1 + Free Shipping

6 Pack Graze Snacks Variety Pack $1 + Free Shipping
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Includes the following:
  • summer berry flapjack 
    • Our delicious oat flapjack with strawberry and raspberry-infused cranberries, hand baked by a family of British bakers. It’s a delicious source of fiber! 
  • salted fudge and peanut cookie
    • The unique sweet and salty combination of lightly salted baked peanuts, creamy fudge pieces and delicious mini cocoa cookies, is the tastiest source of protein we can imagine. 
  • chocolate pretzel dipper
    • A delightful chocolate hazelnut dip combined with lightly salted pretzel sticks. 
  • natural energy nuts
    • A combination of some of our purest nuts in this mix to give you 7g of protein and good source of copper and manganese, which is vital for keeping those energy levels up. 
  • the cheese board 
    • The cheese flavored cashews are one of our favorite snacks. Each batch is made in small quantities using copper pans, so you get a satisfying cheese flavor that sets off the creaminess of the cashew. We combined them with light herb bites and crunchy cheddar bruschetta. 
  • triple berry smoothie
    • This snack is inspired by our favorite morning smoothie. We took the classic flavor combination of strawberries and banana, and added a berry boost of cranberries and blueberries to create this mouth-watering snack.