Free Amazon Music Unlimited Streaming For 30 Days + Free $10 Amazon Promo Credit - NEW SIGNUPS ONLY

Free Amazon Music Unlimited Streaming For 30 Days + Free $10 Promo Credit - NEW SIGNUPS ONLY. Awesome one. Listen to any song, any time, anywhere. You can listen on your phones, tablets, computer and any more devices.
  1. Click here, scroll down to where it says Join Now/Start your 30 day trial - Don't worry there are no charges!
  2. Pick the individual plan and click Start your trial, again you will NOT be charged. This just how much it would cost after the 30 days are up if you continue with cancelling. We will cancel right away so there are no charges at all.
  3. After your trial is over you will get a $10 Promo credit that is good for Amazon music which  you can use to get another 30 days for free or for free songs etc..
  4. IMPORTANT STEP!!! AFTER YOU SIGN UP WE WILL CANCEL THE AUTO RENEW so that you aren't charged after the 30 days are up. You do not have to do this now, you can do it anytime before the 30 days are over so you aren't charged
    2. In the first section click DO NOT CONTINUE AFTER TRIAL
    3. Then confirm and you are done. That means there will be no charges and after 30 day s your subscription will end