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Free Movie Ticket - Smartphone or Tablet Required - SELECT LOCATIONS ONLY.

Free Movie Ticket - Smartphone or Tablet Required - SELECT LOCATIONS ONLY. It is in A LOT of locations, but not all yet. Just get the app and see if it is available for you. You can even get a Free 3D or Imax ticket where available. Awesome freebie, save up to $25. 
  1. Click below and download their app or search the app store for Atom Tickets
  2. Open the app, it will select the movie theatres near you or click on the top to change your location and select a different theatre
  3. NOT ALL THEATRES ARE PARTICIPATING, NOT ALL AREAS ARE PARTICIPATING EITHER. If you get a message that it is not available in that area try a different area if possible
  4. Once you a find a theatre you can choose your movie and on the bottom scroll down and choose the time you want
  5. Click Next on the invite friends screen, you don't have to do that
  6. On the next screen it will ask how many tickets. Click add next to the most expensive one that you want. That will be your free one. You can then add more tickets if you wish. Click next and checkout
  7. At checkout enter coupon code SURVEYTIX to make the ticket free. YOU ENTER YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER FIRST (YOU WON'T BE CHARGED), THEN THE PROMO CODE BOX IS ON THE REVIEW AND CONFIRM ORDER SCREEN, IF YOU MISS IT GO BACK TO THE SCREEN. You can also use coupon code HOLIDAY for $5 off a ticket for a second order if you wish
  8. You WILL need a credit card at checkout, even if the movie ticket is free. You will NOT be charged. WHY DO THEY DO THAT?? So that people only get one free ticket and don' abuse the offer.