Tuesday, December 6, 2016

THREE Blaze and the Monster Machines Toys $10 + Free Shipping With Amazon Prime or $49 Order

HREE Blaze and the Monster Machines $10 + Free Shipping With Amazon Prime or $49 Order. SUPER HOT DEAL!! They have one toy that is originally $9.99, if you order 3 of them you save $19, or just mix and match with the other toys for awesome deals. 
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  1. FINAL PRICE WILL SHOW AT CHECKOUT - THE LAST SCREEN OF CHECKOUT, NOT IN YOUR CART. Do not panic. Just add to cart for their regular price. When you go to checkout you will see the $10 price
  2. Click here Add any 3,6, etc..or more below. You can order as many as you want, just order in multiples of 3, mix and match. That means if you order 3 it will be $10, 6 it will be $20 etc..Click here. You CAN order multiples of the same item. The best deal would be 3 of the first one they will be $10 instead of $29! 
  3. IF YOU WANT THE TRUCKS THAT ARE MARKED AS ADD ON ITEMS THEN YOU NEED TO BE MAKING A $25 OR MORE PURCHASE. One way to get around that is to buy other stuff with this order to make it over $25 or another way would be to get 6 trucks which would be $20 total (but before the discount it will be over $25 so it will let you buy them)