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Free Kmart/Sears Points and Coupons During The Super Bowl - Smartphone or Tablet Required

Free Kmart/Sears Points and Coupons During The Super Bowl - Smartphone or Tablet Required. You have the opportunity to earn $10 off $20 coupons, $8 off $16, $6 off $12, $4 off $8 and $2 off $4. Join our KMart and Sears Deals Group on Facebook HERE
  1. Click here and add me your Personal Shopper on Sears/Kmart. It's free!
  2. Click here and download the KMart app or search the appstore for it
  3. Open the app, and log in. Look for the red banner and click PLAY NOW. it will say to turn on alerts, you can do that if you want and that's it
  4. I believe that is all you have to do. I am not sure if you have to actually claim it after an event happens or not. If an event happens just open the app and double check to make sure you don't have to do anything else
  5. You will the coupons if the following things happen
    • Special Teams or Defense Scores a Touchdown
    • A Clydesdale Runs in Slow Motion
    •  The Halftime Entertainment Wears a Cowboy Hat
    •  Someone Does a Touchdown Dance
    •  A Team Wins on the Last Play of the Game