Free Food + Free Delivery - Select Locations Only

Free Food + Free Delivery - Select Locations Only
  1. If you have Twitter I suggest you enter there because the  link comes faster, if not then use Facebook as described below - For twitter entry scroll down to the red part below
  2. CLICK HERE or if that doesn't work then click here and find the post on their wall
  3. Leave a comment that says 🍴 + #DisneyJuniorFRiYAY  (see the instructions in their post)  You need to put the icon. If you can't find it then copy and paste from their post or try the twitter method below
  4. They will send you a message after a little while, not right away. Click the link in the message to see if you can get it delivered to your address
TWITTER ENTRY: IF YOU CAN'T DO IT ON FACEBOOK THEN DO IT On Twitter Click here, Click the button and tweet whatever pops up. Then go to your notifications and click the link they send you