Thursday, August 3, 2017

Free Set of 2 16oz NFL Stainless Steel Tumblers For Verizon Wireless Customers

Free Set of 2  16oz NFL Stainless Steel Tumblers For Verizon Wireless Customers. Does not include prepaid plans
  1. If you have trouble on Mobile where it shows you have to pay then try desktop mode or a computer. Also on mobile they don't show up sometimes when you click the link so try desktop mode or computer
  2. Click here log in
  3. Click here add to cart - if it does't show on mobile then search for NFL Stainless Steel
  4. You need 4,000 points to get them but you should have many hundreads of thousands of points available
  5. You can get as many sets as you want, no limit
  6. Shipping is free
  7. Please note verizon rewards is closing in October so use all your points before it closes. This is a great item to use your points on