Free Pack of Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers

Free Pack of Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers After Cashback + Free Store Pickup at Walmart or Free Shipping With $35 Order. The way it works is you pay the $6.97 now and you get $6.97 Cash back to your Paypal or Checking account after 60 days. Like an automatic rebate but with no forms to fill out. New accounts only! (1 account per person but you CAN you can have 1 account for each person in your household)
  1. Click here and create a NEW TopCash account - This is valid for new Topcash members only. If you previously got one of these offers you are not eligible. HOWEVER you are allowed to have more than one Topcash account per household (1 Per person). So if you have someone else in the household they can get this with a new account.
  2. After you create an account click the Get Cashback Button on the top, it will take you to the Walmart site.
  3. IMPORTANT, BUY THE DIAPERS THAT ARE $6.97!!! Once on the Walmart Site purchase Any sizes of the diapers, BUT MAKE SURE THEY ARE THE ONES THAT ARE PRICED $6.97. You CAN buy other stuff as well if you wish
  4. Checkout and purchase, choose free store pickup to save on shipping
  5. You will pay $6.97 and You will get $6.97 cashback. The cash back will NOT show up into your account until at least one week. Do not panic, it will work fine, just be patient.
  6. After about a week the cash back will show up in your account, it can be withdrawn after 60 days to your bank or paypal account