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Free Pepsi X Factor Judge's Cold Beverage Tumbler & More With Pepsi Points Program

Free Pepsi X Factor Judge's Cold Beverage Tumbler from Pepsi Points. Pepsi Points is a program where you earn points for activities, like filling out your profile, connecting your Facebook and Twitter etc.. The tumbler is 3,000 points and you can get it free by doing the tasks but it will take 2 days because some of the points need to reset.
  1. Click here and sign up for a Pepsi Points account, use Facebook or Twitter and join
  2. Click here and do all the activities such as connect your Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare accounts. (If you don't have a Twitter or Foursquare then just create one, takes exactly ONE second - you can use facebook to login, and you never have to use them again)
  3. Click here and click "Socialize", Interact, and Share on the left side and do ALL the tasks. At the end you should end up with 2965 points.
  4. You can earn an extra 5 points if you write a Tweet and use the hashtag #4PepsiPointsYou can do that twice for a total of 10 points.
  5. After day 1 you will end up with 2975 points. Tomorrow you can go back and earn another 25 points by watching the videos, reading the articles and going to and then you will be able to claim the free cup :) Enjoy!