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Become A Step 2 Toys Product Tester and Get a Free Step 2 Toy - NEW APPLICATION, SIGN UP AGAIN

Free Step 2 Toys! Become A Step 2 Toys Product Tester. Step 2 is looking for people to test out their toys. They will ship you the toys free of charge and you will test them out and provide feedback. You must apply before midnight 8/17. They will email you at a later date if you are accepted, not everyone will be accepted. This is a new round of toys, if you signed up last time and weren't accepted please make sure to sign  up again now.
  1. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP - this offer was posted on their Facebook page here
  2. They will ask for a link of a video you created, if you don't have any you can leave it blank. Part of the testing is to upload a 30 second video product review, so if signing up make sure you will be able to do that for them if you are selected. For best chances of being selected please definitely include a video if you can. If you don't have one then make a short one, it will help your chances of being chosen
  3. If selected you will test the toy for 14 days and you get to keep it after. 
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