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HOT!! Free $23 Amazon Android App Store Credit - Get Free Games and Apps

Free $23 Amazon App Store Credit when you follow the instructions below. You will get 200 coins ($2) for each FREE app that you "purchase" below below. You do not have to install the app, just purchasing it is enough. If you haven't done so yet you may first need to download the app store. Just click below and click "continue" on the right side of the page then follow the directions. You Click here to see your coin balance, it will say it on the right side of the page. Each 100 coins = $1 in free credit. You can use your credits to buy any games or apps you want from the App Store. When checking out make sure you pay with coins on the right side of the page.

Getting the free apps below will give you $10 in free coins, to get the other $13 follow the instructions below. Even if it says device invalid you can still get the apps and get the free credit, just "purchase it" but don't install them (this feature works on computers, but may not work when trying this from mobile)

NOW TO GET ANOTHER FREE $13 IN COINS!! (if you already did this you can't do it again): Amazon has another offer I posted yesterday here for a free $20 credit when you buy the Game Grand Theft Auto for $6.99. SO.. After you get your $10 in free coins above CLICK HERE and buy the game for $6.99 with the coins  you just got so it is free for you. You will then end up with another $20 in free coins - the $6.99 spent.  $10+$20-$6.99= $23.01 in free coins!!