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Join BzzAgent - Get Tons of Free Products For Feedback, Sharing With Friends and Reviews

Sign up for BzzAgent: one of the original, and best sites that give you a HUGE box of free stuff for you and your friends. The goal is for you to spread "Buzz" by talking to your friends about the free products you got and reporting back to BzzAgent. Basically you get a ton of free stuff, they get advertising and everyone is happy. They have different "Campaigns" about once a week or more and each campaign is a new company that is giving away a big box of full size products, samples, coupons and more. Some of their recent campaigns were for Duracell, Special K, Iams, Head & Shoulders and Much More. See below to create an account and get started and read further below for more on how the process works.
  1. Click here, create an account and sign up
  2. Click Complete surveys. In the beginning there are A LOT. I suggest you don't do them all at once, it will take a while. Just do the categories you are interested in and when you have time go back and do the rest
  3. The more Surveys you complete the better idea they will have of who you are the better chances you will have of getting their next campaign
  4. Once you are selected for a campaign they will email you. It also helps to check their site every once in a while and even better join our Facebook freebie group and check out this post here where people post all the new campaigns as the pop up.

So How does BzzAgent work?? (Click here for in depth on their site, summary below)
  • You sign up for an account and TAKE SURVEYS. Let us know the kinds of things you like so we can match you with BzzCampaigns that are right for you.
  • GET INVITED: When a campaign comes along that we think you’ll be perfect for, we’ll send you an invite. Spaces are limited, so be sure to join quickly! 
  • TRY AWESOME PRODUCTS: Once you accept an invite to join a BzzCampaign, we’ll give you a way to try the product, as well as helpful talking points and offers to share with friends. 
  • REVIEW & SHARE Tell friends, family and us what you think about the products we send you by starting real conversations, online and off. 
  • KEEP IT UP Actively participate in each campaign you join to improve your chances of receiving more invites.