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KMart/Sears Points Deals: Nakamichi NK2000 Headphones $12.50 + $10 Sears/KMart Points Credit Back, 780M Headphones $10 + $5 Points Back, Mini Speaker $14.99 + $10 Points Back, NK2030 Headphones $20 + $10 Points Credit Back + Free Store Pickup at KMart or Free Shipping with Shop Your Way Max

KMart has a bunch of great rolling Points Deals + Free Store Pickup at KMart or Free Shipping with Shop Your Way Max (Free Trial available here). Even better your points do roll on this order, use your current points to get this deal and get more points back for your next order.  Also if you haven't done so already you can get $7 in free points from Sears/KMart here.
  1. Click here First and add me your Personal Shopper on Sears/Kmart by clicking the orange button.  If you click and it says SD HEAVENLY STEALS that is me and you don't have to do anything else.
  2. Click below and add to cart
  3. If buying $50 worth of items there is a $5 off $50 coupon here for extra savings
  4. You will get  $5, $10 or $16 back in points (shown in cart on the bottom of the page) for your next order. 
  5. IMPORTANT: IF USING YOUR EXISTING POINTS: You can use your existing points to buy this, if you do so make sure you pay at least 1 penny in real money or you won't get the new points - Make sure you see the points you are getting back in your cart before checking out
  6. Your new points will be available in your account when the order is shipped or you pick up the order, not before then.