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$2 Magazine Subscriptions: All You 12 Issues, Sports Illustrated 52 Issues, Time 52 Issues, Entertainment Weekly 52 Issues, Food & Wine and MANY MORE

Great sale on magazine subscriptions where you can get 5 magazines for just $2 each. These are magazines that are not usually free so these are really amazing deals. What is the catch? Well not really a catch but in order to get them for $2 for the first year they do enroll you automatically to keep receiving the magazine for the next year. If you don't want any more issues after the first $2 year then you just call and cancel  towards the end of the first year NO FURTHER CHARGES AT ALL.
  1. Click here, answer the 4 questions
  2. Then the $2 magazine offer will pop up. Pick up 5 Magazines
  3. IMPORTANT Note: Not all the ones they have listed there are full year subscriptions, so make sure before picking one that you look at how many issues you are getting for $2. The ones i listed above are all full year subscriptions
  4. Checkout and pay. You will pay $2 for each one selected
  5. Remember, at the end of the first year it will auto-renew. You will receive a renewal bill in the mail. If you don't want to continue your subscription at the higher rate then you just cancel. Very quick and easy.
Terms and conditions: Magazine Offer Terms & Conditions: For the number of issues shown the credit /debit card you provide will be charged just $2 per selection. If you are not 100% satisfied with your selections, you may cancel by contacting Toward the end of your subscription period, you’ll receive a renewal terms reminder notice and you authorize your account to be charged the rate on the notice for the next year of issues, or as otherwise noted, unless you choose to cancel. After the first term, canceled orders will be refunded for all un-mailed issues. The name, address, email and account information you provide will be securely handled by Blue Dolphin Group to process and fulfill your selections. Offer valid for U.S. orders only. Please allow 6-10 weeks for delivery of your first issue.