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Free Perdue Kitchen Scale

Free Perdue Free Perdue Kitchen Scale. First 990 people to get 8,000 points will get one. Follow the instructions below to get 8,000 points quick!  OR as well You get 1,500 points for each friend referral so  referring 8 friends will get you the freebie. As well you get points for other tasks like sharing recipes , connecting your social networks etc.. that should get you the freebies pretty fast.
  1. Click, click sign in or sign up. Connect with Facebook or Twitter
  2. Click on HOME on the the top of their page, then scroll down to where is says "Share a Recipe" and click Create Recipe. Add a simple recipe, doesn't have to be anything elaborate. Click Preview Recipe when you are done, then click Share recipe. For each Recipe you share you will get 400 points. Most people will be starting out with 1,100 points so if you create 20 recipes you will have enough points. Just do enough so that you have 8,000 points. As well there are other ways to get points as described above  - there is no limit to how many points  you can get from creating recipes (the 4,000 limit it says is from clicks, not creating recipes) As well the recipes don't have to be too detailed. Just write anything you want.. Chicken + Broccoli etc..
  3. After you get 8,000 points you can click on on History and it will say you earned the coupon badge, that means you got it.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CLAIM IT, once you get enough points you automatically get it.
  4. You will also receive an email saying you earned your scale. May take up to 24 hours to receive the email.