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Free Seventh Generation Party Pack If You Qualify - 2,500 Available. Sign up and get a HUGE Box with Full Size Diapers, Wipes, Lotion, Coupons & More - NEW OFFER

Free Seventh Generation Products (Full Size Diapers, Wipes, Lotion, Coupons & More) If You Qualify - 2,500 Chosen. You will get a bunch of free items enough for you and more to share with your mom friends as well
  1. CLICK HERE, sign up with Facebook, Twitter or your email address or log in. 
  2. After you sign up it will probably say no new offers at this time, just click on Dashboard and they should pop up or refresh the page and they will show up
  3. Complete the info then click on Dashboard on the top and scroll down. You should see something that says: Healthy Baby Home Party Application - Apply now to host a Healthy Baby Home Party. Click More details, then accept then enter the survey
  4. If you don't see it on your wall, then try completing your full profile, it MIGHT help it show up, but I am not entirely sure why some people see if and others don't. As well you can try coming back tomorrow
  5. If you are accepted they will email you in about a month and let you know.