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Heineken Gift Exchange Giveaway - Everybody Wins! Most Win $1 Amazon Gift Cards but over 5,000 Other Prizes Like $5 Gift Card, Bottle Openers, Beer Glass, Ear Buds, T-Shirts, Headphone, Speakers and More

Heineken Gift Exchange Giveaway - Everybody Wins! Most Win a Music, More or Book Download but over 5,000 Other Prizes Like $5 Gift Card, Bottle Openers, Beer Glass, Ear Buds, T-Shirts, Headphone, Speakers and More. Ends 12/31/15. 

  1. The $1 Amazon Gift Card Prize is actually the Digital Download prize. If you win the digital download instead of claiming a music download click on on the top of the page and claim a $1 gift card instead, this is the link for whenever that time comes :)
  2. First we need to get a code to play. To do that send a blank email to and in the subject field write Heineken Holiday Gift XChange Game. Do not write anything else in the email
  3. I am not sure how many emails you can send or how many games you can play or prizes you can win, they do not mention that in the rules.
  4. After a few hours they will reply with a link. COPY AND PASTE it the entire thing, especially with the code at the end, into your browser. If you only click the link it will NOT WORK because the actual code at the end will be left off
  5. It will ask  you to log in with Facebook. 
  6. Once you are logged in it will give you a link that likes like etc.. copy that link
  7. Now you need to get 3 other people to join your game, you do that by giving them that link. Once you have 4 people the game starts
  8. One the game starts everybody gets one turn, click your turn to play
  9. It will reveal what prize you won, the people after the first person will then open their gifts as well. Those people will have a chance to "Steal" the other people's gift first (please play nice and don't steal somebody's nice gift :)! )
  10. And that's it, after everybody plays you all claim your gifts whatever they may be
  11. BTW the digital codes can be converted into $1 Amazon Gift Cards when claiming your prize, so if you get one make sure to claim it

  • Instant Win Prizes: 
    • (15) a Jawbone speaker, ARV: $158.75; 
    • (35) a Cooler with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, ARV: $134.45; 
    • (25) a Heineken branded pop-up tent, ARV: $127.49; 
    • (100) Heineken branded headphones, ARV: $27.83; 
    • (300) Heineken branded metal ice bucket with bottle opener, ARV: $4.07; 
    • (300) a Heineken T-shirt, ARV: $3.92; 
    • (1,020) a Beer Bottle Koozie, ARV: $1.50; 
    • (1,000) Ear buds, ARV: $1.30; 
    • (1,008) a Heineken beer glass, ARV: $1.25; 
    • (1,000) a bottle opener bottle cap, ARV: $0.82; 
    • (125) digital download codes good for a $5.00 eGift Card; 
    • (70,000) digital download codes each valid for one credit that may be redeemed for digital content of corresponding value (one download of music, movie or an ebook), ARV: $1.20. 
    • GRAND PRIZE SWEEPSTAKES: One (1) Grand Prize: a 5-day trip for up to four (4) people (winner & up to 3 guests) to Amsterdam. Prize includes round trip, coach air transportation from a major commercial airport near winner’s residence (at Sponsors’ discretion) to Amsterdam, four (4) nights hotel accommodations (two rooms), car rental (excludes gas, tolls, parking, insurance and collision damage waiver and is subject to meeting eligibility requirements set by rental company) and $1,500 spending allowance awarded as a check payable in the name of the winner.