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Sports Authority Coupon Code: $20 off Each Item When You add $75 Of Items In Your Cart = 3 Items Worth $75 Will Be Only $15 !

Sports Authority has a great Coupon Code RMNSPRING20 that is giving $20 off Each Item When You add $75 Worth of Items In Your Cart. If you add 3 items that add up to $75 it would be $75-$60 = $15 etc.. Play around with it and maybe you can come up with even better deals, if you add 4 $20 items it technically should be free according to these rules. 

Please note: My best guess is that this code is a glitch and all orders could be cancelled. HOWEVER as we have seen many times in the past... you never know. Always good to order and if it gets cancelled then it gets cancelled, but always the possibility that it doesn't

  1. CLICK HERE. Add any items (THAT SAY ON THE PAGE Take $20 Off Your Purchase of $75 or More, says above the price in the search) to your cart and make sure it is over $75 total. You want to add at least 3 items or more because you are getting $20 off PER ITEM
  2. Here are Some items (there are many more) the code has worked on: 
  3. Enter coupon code RMNSPRING20 at checkout
  4. THERE ARE SOME ITEMS THE CODE DOESN'T WORK ON, if you try it and it doesn't work then try something else. One way to see if the code is still working or not (regardless of what you are ordering, just to see if it is valid) is to CLICK HERE and add 3 jackets for $34.99. Enter the code and if your total is $44.97 then the code is still working and that just means the items you previously chose are not working for whatever reason
  5. You will get $20 off each item you added. So for example if you added 3 items the total will be $15 because you get $60 off, if you add 4 items or more and your total is $81 then your total should be around $1