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Generic Magic Eraser Melamine Sponge Sale: 30 Pack $2.70, 100 Pack $8 + Free Shipping

Generic Magic Eraser Melamine Sponges. These are made from exactly the same thing the Mr Clean Magic Erasers are made from for 1/10th the price. Please note these are a little thinner than the Mr Clean Version and won't last as long but you get so much more for the money and in the end this will save you a lot of money. Please note it will take AT LEAST 1 month for these to arrive in the mail as they do come from China and the shipping is slow
  • 100 Pack $8
  • 30 Pack $2.70 - although there are cheapers ones on the list, those are from bad sellers with bad reviews. I highly suggest you splurge and get the ones for $2.65 from a good seller or maybe the ones that are $2.12 from the newer seller with good reviews.