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KMart 100% Back In Points Deal: 20 Rolls of Cottonelle Toilet Paper $22.90 + $22.90 Kmart/Sears Credit Back + Free Shipping If You Have Shop Your Way Max (Free Signup Available)

100% Back In Points KMart Deal: Buy $15 to $25 of School Supplies, Office Supplies or Crayola Products and Get Back  $15  - $25 (The Full Amount You Paid) of Credit For Your Next Sears/KMart Order. Points you get back are valid for 7 days after you receive them. You can do as many orders as you want, but the maximum in points in each order is $25. So If you want more than $25 of stuff do separate orders. The minimum per order is $15, you must be buying at least $15 of items to get this deal. DO NOT PAY WITH POINTS, points do not roll. If you pay with points you may not get your points back.
  1. First Click here and add me your Personal Shopper on Sears/Kmart. It's free! Click the link then the green button in the middle of the page. By adding me you get access to tons of Sears and KMart deals, free and personalized shopping help from a personal shopper as well as help finding specific deals you may need. As well each Thursday you will get surprise points or coupons added directly to your account for more savings.
  2. CLICK HERE add to toilet paper to cart - Points expired 7 days after you received them. You can do this deal as many times as you want BUT DO A SEPARATE ORDER FOR EACH ONE  YOU WANT because the max you will get back per order is $25 points. If you do a separate order for each one you will get $22.90 back for each order
  3. You need Shop Your Way Max for free shipping, there is NO store pickup available. Click here to sign up for a free trial, no credit card required and you never have to cancel it, it will end automatically after 90 days
  4. Also available as part of this deal you can get many more items listed below (do separate orders for each order between $15-$25) - rules for this deal: Must be $15 minimum purchase (any combination you want, many cheap items, or one expensive item etc..)  and the maximum points you will get back is $25. If you buy $30 of stuff you will get $25 back in points etc. If you buy $15 you will get $15 back. If you order $10 of stuff you will not get anything, you will need at least $15. You can add a bunch of $1 items to reach $15, or one item that is $15 etc, any combination as long as the total is more than $15. You can do this deal as many times as you want, just make sure each order is at least $15 and the most you will get back on each order is $25. Points expire after 7 days
  5. DO NOT PAY FOR YOUR ORDER WITH POINTS, points do not roll. If you pay with points you may not get the 100% back in points from this deal
  6. Your points will go into your account when you pick up the item or the items are shipped