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Free Bottle of Champagne + Free Delivery - Select Locations Only - Twitter Required

Free Bottle of Wine + Free Delivery - Select Locations Only - Twitter Required. Available around the following locations only select zip codes in these locations!!!: New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, The Hamptons, Westchester, Jersey City, Hoboken, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, San Diego, Fremont, Long Beach, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Washington DC, Denver, Boulder, Vail, Aspen, Miami, Palm Beach, Phoenix, Minneapolis & St. Paul, Indianapolis, & Stamford.
  1. CLICK HERE follow them on Twitter. Follow us too here too
  2. If you can't copy and paste my tweet  below then write your own, see step 4 :) You can find the food emoticons when you click the smiley face icon on  your device the same way you would send a smiley face.  
    1. Click here to see my tweet, (or if you can't copy then see step 4) COPY IT and paste it and send your own tweet that looks exactly like what I wrote (do not retweet it, do not tweet @ me, you must do as i wrote above) 
      • If you can't copy my tweet then just write  @ZAmazon + then add the Champagne bottle Emoji then the hashtag #Zelda. Make sure to include all 3 things, the @, the hashtag and the emoji. 
      • Your Tweet should look like this: @ZAmazon +🍾 + #Zelda 
      • After a few minutes you will get a notification HERE, click the link and claim your free food and movie