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Free Pie of Pizza + Free Delivery - Select Locations Only - Twitter Required

Update: it looks like after you get your tweet you have to "win it" not everybody gets it like previous promos. Very sorry about that. 62 People per hour will win a free pie

Free Pie of Pizza + Free Delivery - Select Locations Only - Twitter Required. This is going live now for East Cost and Central and goes live at 12PM Local time in all other locations. So if it isn't 12 noon by you then wait till 12 Noon to Tweet.
  1. CLICK HERE follow them on Twitter. Follow us too here too
  2. The easiest way to to this is to copy my tweet because you need the Tums Emoji to get this. If on mobile try desktop mode maybe to get it
    1. Click here to see my tweet, (or if you can't copy then see step 4) COPY IT and paste it and send your own tweet that looks exactly like what I wrote (do not retweet it, do not tweet @ me, you must do as i wrote above) 
      • If you can't copy my tweet then just write @TUMStweets   #TUMSChewyBites and then include the Tums Emoji . Make sure to include all 3 things, the @, the hashtag and the emoji and Hashtag
      • Your tweet should like like this: 
      • After a few minutes you will get a notification HERE, click the link and claim your free pizza