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$10 Walmart Gift Card For $5 For Verizon Customers

 $10 Walmart Gift Card For $5 For Verizon Customers. IF YOU NEED HELP ON HOW TO GET THIS WATCH THIS YOUTUBE VIDE HERE THAT SOMEBODY MADE THAT SHOWS HOW TO GET IT. They show a Target card in their video but it works the same way

  1. It will say all items in cart, that is fine! It is not sold out, When it is sold out it will say specifically sold out. Just keep them page open, DO NOT REFRESH THE PAGE, and then just wait for it to say add to cart then add it. They will be officially out when it says Sold out instead of all items in cart.  THEY SEEM TO RELEASE NEW CARDS EVERY 5 MINUTES, AT 2:40, 2:45, 2:50 Etcc on the 5's and 0's
  2. Click here, log in or create an account
  3. One you log in click on the "Daily Deal" Banner on the page and select the $10 Walmart Gift Card
  4. It will say ALL ITEMS ARE IN CARTS, that is fine don't panic
  5. Just leave the page open, and wait for the add to cart to open up. - may take a few minutes
  6. Once it allows you to then add to cart and checkout
  7. Everybody will have at least 10,000 free points in your account. You will need 500 points to get this, you can use your free points you have to get it free