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15.25oz Planters Deluxe Mixed Nuts Lightly Salted $3.81 (Reg $9.99) + Free Shipping or $3.30

15.25oz Planters Deluxe Mixed Nuts Lightly Salted $3.81 (Reg $9.99) + Free Shipping or $3.30. If you previously used this coupon on the Kraft Mac and Cheese or another item then it won't show for you again but you CAN still get this for just $1 more which is still half price. See Walmart here for price comparison  
  1. To get this deal you must do a subscribe & Save purchase. You can cancel the subscribe & save after you get your order if you wish, see link below to cancel. Subscribe & Save bypasses the add-on requirement, you do NOT need a $25 purchase when doing subscribe & save.. even if the page says so
  2. CLICK HERE - the price will show higher, then clip the coupon under the price (you will see the lower price at checkout) and click the circle next to subscribe & Save and then click subscribe now
  3. You can order as many as you want, the second order and any after that will be $1 higher, but still an amazing deal either way!  
  4. Clip the 20% off  Coupon located under the price or product description. If you are on mobile scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on Amazon Full Site so that you can see the coupon.
  5. The final price including coupon and all discounts will show on the last screen
  6. Subscribe and save can be cancelled anytime after the order ships, no further charges, just click here to cancel. The first order (this order) will always be at the price you purchased it for. The second order and all orders after that will be at the price it is currently selling for on Amazon. If you feel that price is too high then you can cancel after the first order