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HUGE WALMART SALES GOING ON ONLINE RIGHT NOW!! Find Thousands of AMAZING DEALS!! - Instructions on How To Find Your Own Deals

Update: Looks like the super sale is now over. Discounts are back to regular amounts instead of the huge amounts they were

HUGE WALMART SALES GOING ON RIGHT NOW!! if you haven't noticed from the recent posts something is up at Walmart. They have a new program called pickup discount where they give you a discount on the item if you do store pickup instead of choosing shipping. The discounts have been small in the past but for some reason now they are  showing huge discounts! I am posting the deals as fast as I can but I suggest you also take a look around the Walmart website to see if there is anything you find. NOT ALL ITEMS ARE ELIGIBLE, but if you find an item that is eligible it will say pickup discount under the price, see the photo above. See instructions below to search for a deal for you, there are so many that I will never be able to post them all but you can help yourself to find great deals. 
  1. CLICK HERE for Walmart
  2. Search for whatever items you want in the search box such as Beds, Toys, furniture, or anything else you want to purchase
  3. Look in the search and some items will say Free Store Pickup + DISCOUNT. Those are the items you are looking for (see photo below for examples)
  4. It will kind of be like a treasure hunts. Some items will only show a small discount, but others will be HUGE. Make sure to check them all to see which awesome deals you can find
  5. ONE LAST THING! Amazon has been trying to price match some of these items. So after you find an item CLICK HERE and search for it on Amazon. If Amazon has price matched it then you can get it shipped to you instead of having to do store pickup which is a double win!