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$10 Starbucks Gift Card Only $5

$10 Starbucks Gift Card Only $5
  1. Click here create an outlook account or log in to your account
  2. CLICK HERE, click Get add in now on the photo, then click ADD on the next page and confirm
  3. CLICK HERE and create a new email by clicking New on the top of the page
  4. It will bring up the form to write an email. On the bottom click the small Starbucks logo. 
    1. Then choose any gift card. 
    2. Log in to your Starbucks account
    3. Change the amount to $5 and purchase the gift card
    4. Then send the email to your own email address
  5. You will first receive your $5 gift card you purchase
  6. after a few minutes you will receive the other free $5 bonus gift card as well