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Zonin Omaha Steaks Prize Pack Giveaway - 50 Winners. Grand Prize Webber Grill

Zonin Omaha Steaks Prize Pack Giveaway - 50 Winners. Grand Prize Webber Grill. The Steaks part ends 6/23, the grill part ends 7/4. Void in CT, KS, LA, MS, PA, TX, UT. Photo upload of your favorite July 4th activity is required. This is a different kind of giveaway where those with the top 50 in points will win the Steaks package. You get points by referring friends and also by getting people to vote on your photo. So make sure to post your link in the comments and also be sure to vote on each other's photos. Good Luck All! The top 50 in the points standings get the Omaha Steaks package, the grill is randomly selected from all entrants
  1. Click here and pick somebody's link from the comments in the group and sign up under them. you get 900 points for signing up under somebody else, only 450 if you sign up directly. So better to sign up under somebody
  2. Upload a photo of your favorite July 4th activity
  3. After you upload you will be given your unique link. Make sure to post it in the comments on the group post here and then help others out and vote on each others photos. Each vote you get is 40 points. Also post it on your own wall and get your friends to vote for you as well
  4. Start earning more points. You get more points by doing all the following: 
    • REGISTRATION through the dedicated website: +450 points 
    • REGISTRATION by accessing the dedicated site through the unique-link of another participant: +900 points 
    • ENTRY of a new participant made through your own unique-link: +450 points 
    • FACEBOOK with every share of the unique-link and with each Like received on photo: +10 points 
    • VOTES with every vote received by your own photo: +40 points 
    • VOTING ON PHOTOS with every vote given to other participants’ photos: +20 points (10-vote, 200-point maximum per participant)
  • Fifty (50) Omaha Steaks® Combo Packages to be chosen between Meat or Vegetarian options . Meat option Package includes: 4 (5 oz.) Bacon Wrapped Bistro Steaks 4 (4 oz.) Omaha Steaks Burgers 4 (3 oz.) Gourmet Jumbo Franks 4 Boneless Chicken Breasts. Vegetarian option Package includes: 8 (4 oz.) Garden Sun Veggie Burgers 4 (3 oz.) Kale & Quinoa Cakes 2 (12 oz.) Rustic Root Vegetables.
  • The Final Grand Prize will be a Luxury BBQ Grill, Weber or similar. Includes delivery and assembling