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iPhone 5/5s/SE Case Only 7 Cents + Free Shipping With Prime

iPhone 5/5s/SE Case Only 7 Cents + Free Shipping With Prime. The best part is you can do slow shipping with prime and get the $1 Credit back. The better part is that you can use those credits to buy Microsoft gift cards and use it towards laptops, Xbox Systems, games, tablets and anything else Microsoft sells! Imagine if after a long time of these type of deals you collect enough of these credits to buy an Xbox that means you would have paid only $14 (7 cents times 200 times) for it instead of $200
  1. Click here, add to cart for $7.49. Limit 1
  2. Use coupon code WNMUHJ8K at checkout for the discount
How to use your credits to get things from Microsoft! 
  1. Click here to see how many credits you have
  2. Choose your gift cards below. If you have slow shipping credits they will apply automatically at checkout and deduct from the price
  3. After you buy your gift card you can go to your amazon order history to get your gift card code, they will also email you a copy
  4. Click here to apply your gift card to your Microsoft account. 
  5. You can then CLICK HERE to shop on microsoft and use your gift card at checkout. It will already be saved to your account
    1. Gift cards never expire! So you can buy this card now and if you don't have enough to buy something you can just wait until you have more credits and more cards to buy something bigger