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$10 of Free Stuff At Petsmart!! $10 off $10+ Petsmart In-Store Purchase Coupon

$10 of Free Stuff At Petsmart!!  $10 off $10+ Petsmart In-Store Purchase Coupon. Valid in-store only through 2/28. Click here for a store locator
    1. IMPORTANT!!! You DO need a free Petsmart rewards account to claim these, you can make one for free here if you don't have one yet. Then just give your phone number when buying in-store and they can pull up your account. If you already have one just get your coupon below
    2. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COUPON - this coupon is directly from on their link, directly from their emails
      1. You must make a purchase of $10 or more for the $10 to come off, will not work on less than $10
      2. Can be used on any merchandise sold at Petsmart, some people have been able to use it on Live Fish as well, some others have not been able to. depends on your store
      3. You can use this once per Petsmart rewards account
      4. Yes you can probably show them the coupons on your phone - it has worked for many people, however it is better to print it if possible that way you don't have problems.
      5. Yes you will need a free rewards account to get these, click here to create one. You will then give them  your phone number that applies to your account when purchasing.
      6. If somebody else you know has a rewards account they can use the same coupons that you use, with the same barcodes, BUT ON THEIR ACCOUNT, it will not work again on the same account
      7. this coupon is directly from on their link. This is not a copy, this is not a scam and do not let any Petsmart employee tell you otherwise. It is directly from Petsmart, period. Anything said otherwise is a lie by the Petsmart store.  Especially when they say "it shows it has already been used". Everybody has the same barcode so that is not a valid answer, it is just the employee not knowing what they are doing.