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Free Seventeen Magazine Subscription. Nothing to Cancel Ever, No Bills Ever!

Free Subscription to Seventeen Magazine. Nothing to Cancel Ever, No Bills Ever!
  1. CLICK HERE, create a new account or log in. 
  2. Take the short multiple choice survey. You will get a $30 credit
  3. IMPORTANT: SIGN OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT, THEN LOG BACK IN. You need to do this because sometimes the magazine doesn't show up until you log out
  4. Click here SCROLL DOWN TO THE $10 Section and Claim the magazine on the next screen 
  5. It says new subscribers only. So if you already had a subscription just sign up a another member if your household and it will come in their name.
  6. You also have another $20 to spend, you can grab the 2 year Good Housekeeping magazine or any other magazine you want
  7. DO NOT CHOOSE THE MAGAZINES WITH 99 CENTS FEE! First there is no reason to pay a fee, and second those magazine have auto renew, the free magazine do NOT have auto renew 
  8. Some people may see an offer for $2 Magazines. Those are great deals if you want them (I don't think you should do it personally because most can be gotten for free) BUT if you do sign  up just remember to cancel your subscription at the end of the year or they will auto renew at whatever the regular price is