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Zippo Emergency Fire Kit $4.06 (Reg $11.99) + Free Shipping With Amazon Prime or $25 Order

Zippo Emergency Fire Kit $4.06 (Reg $11.99) + Free Shipping With Amazon Prime or $25 Order. Zippo flint spark wheel, Includes 5 easy lightweight paraffin wax-coated cotton spark tinder; ignites with spark or flame and Burns up to 5 minutes so you can start a fire. Ergonomic design with textured grip; water-resistant storage Floats in water and easily clips to your backpack
  1. This will show as an Add On Item, that is fine, don't panic. Just follow all the instructions below, you do NOT need a $25 order to get it
  2. CLICK HERE  add to cart. You can buy up to 10 orders if you wish
  4. If you have a $25 order then just go ahead and buy it, if not continue below
  5. If you don't have a $25 order follow below
    1. You can use the Amazon Music App to get this deal or if you have an Amazon Device with Alexa (Echo, Kindle etc..) you can use that instead. The Amazon Music App is a workaround for those that don't have a device available.
    • If you don't have the app then First step: Go to the App Store and download the Amazon MUSIC app (this is a work around to get Alexa). Log in to the App and Click Alexa on the bottom right. 
    • In the app click on Alexa on the bottom right and continue below
  6. Go to your device or to the app and Say EXACTLY THE FOLLOWING WORDS, do not add anything else or she won't find the item. Say "Alexa, Order Zippo Emergency Fire Kit"She will say she found it in your cart. if she offers you something else then say NO to the first choice she tells you, then the second choice should be the correct one
  7. She will It will ask if you want to buy it from your cart, say yes and purchase it. This method will bypass the $25 requirement and you are done.