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Price of Amazon Prime Is Going Up Soon. Signup or Renew at The Lower Price Before The Price Goes Up!

Update: Many people are asking HOW TO RENEW AT THE LOWER PRICE if your subscription doesn't expire until after the price goes up. The way you do it is by buying a Prime Gift subscription, SEE BELOW FOR INSTRUCTIONS! You pay $99 for the "gift subscription" now but instead of gifting it so somebody else you just send it to yourself. Then when your current prime ends you just add this gift subscription to your account and you are good to do. YOU WILL GET THE FULL YEAR! Even though you are buying it early it does not start the year until you actually apply it to your account, and it never expires. 
    1. Before the instructions please read this! VERY IMPORTANT NOTE!!!!!! DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU HAVE THE OLDER PRIME ACCOUNTS WHERE YOU WERE ABLE TO SHARE YOUR ACCOUNT WITH THE 4 PEOPLE. see below for the reason
    2. CLICK HERE, click the 12 month subscription for $99, click add prime to cart
    3. at checkout enter YOUR email address in the recipient field, that way they send it to you 
    4. for the delivery date you can enter now or even better you can enter it to come 1 day before your prime subscription is supposed to expire. That way you will remember to add it to your account. Either way you will get your full year, even if you buy it now. The subscription does NOT start until you add it to your account, no matter when you bought it.
    5. TURN OFF AUTO RENEW (SEE STEP 4 IN THE NEXT SECTION BELOW). you need to do this to get your prime to expire (on whatever the expiration date is instead of them renewing you for $119) so that you can apply your gift membership
    6. WHEN IT IS TIME TO RENEW YOU HAVE TO LET YOUR CURRENT PRIME EXPIRE. It will expire at midnight of that day, then you just go to your email, click the link and apply the gift subscription to your account and you will continue as  you were with one more year of prime
    7. All your settings are saved, you will not lose anything by letting your prime account expire (except maybe some slow shipping credits you may have, so make sure to use those before your account expires)
    8. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE!!!!!! DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU HAVE THE OLDER PRIME ACCOUNTS WHERE YOU WERE ABLE TO SHARE YOUR ACCOUNT WITH THE 4 PEOPLE. Those accounts are grandfathered in and as long as you continue your subscription you will be able to keep those people on your account. However with this gift subscription method it will kill off this great perk you have and you won't be able to add those people back on. So if you have one of those old accounts DO NOT DO THIS!! Just continue on paying the higher price or else you will lose that perk of having those extra people on your account.

Amazon has just announced that staring May 11th the price of a One Year Amazon Prime membership will be going up to $119 from $99. If you have an existing membership you have until June 16th to renew at the lower price, if signing up as a new subscription you must sign up before May 11th to get the lower price. Also don't forget Amazon does offer a few different cheaper options for prime such as $49 a year for Student Prime (those with a .edu email address) and the Discounted prime for $5.99 a month for those with an EBT Card or Medicaid. Amazon Prime gives you free 2-day shipping on all items, Unlimited Prime Video and Movies, Unlimited Prime Music and more. I've had it for years and the money saved from all the deals has been WAY more than the yearly fee. 
  3. Choose below and sign up or renew, then continue below to turn off auto renewal
  4. IMPORTANT STEP!! TURN OFF AUTO RENEWAL SO YOU AREN'T CHARGED. After you purchase it goes on Auto Renewal meaning next year they will auto renew your membership for $99. if you want you can turn it off by following the directions below so you are not charged again next year unless you specifically purchase it:
    1. Click here
    2. Click "Do not continue my free trial" on the left
    3. Click End My Benefits
    4. Click Continue To Cancel
    5. Then Click Cancel membership.  As you can see it will say that your membership will end after the free trial expires
    6. You will no longer have to worry about anything and you don't have to cancel anything else. You will be able to use your prime for free until your 30 day trial is over and nothing else to cancel